Thursday, December 13, 2012

FanFiction project In the Morning Light #4

No Cold Shower

Alright, there wasn’t a cold shower today, but that’s just because I refused to take one. It might be a little grody, but yeah. No.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Cold Shower (yes, that’s what I actually decided to call the project) is staying where it was in length. It is moving up to a novella, and if there’s no hot water tomorrow it will finally be a novel. I am going to give the landlord the benefit of the doubt (I really shouldn’t), and do the novel in degrees. Like tomorrow it will be a novel, but it will only be 60-70k words. The day after it will move up to 70-80k, and so on and so forth, if it passes 110k then I will be up-ing it to an epic novel, I’m just not sure how to sell something that long. Lol. It will be more like a door stop than a book.

Anyway, I didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted too. I didn’t get a lot of sleep night before last, and had to get up really friggin early to go to a work meeting. And, thus didn’t have the get up and go to get a lot of writing done. I am back to work tonight, which means I’ll be sitting around doing a lot of nothing waiting for the phone to ring. So, I’ll have plenty of writing time, and I will get the second quarter of In the Morning Light finished.

When it comes to typing, I do have some stats to report. I’ve only typed one scene for the last couple of days, being lazy, but that did leave me with some typing to do earlier. Therefore, I have stats. For today.

That’s it for me.

When do you say no to a cold shower?


                Snowflake Completion: Done
                Pages Written Today: 2 (wide ruled pages)
                Pages Written Total: 51 (wide ruled pages)
                Pages Typed Today: 3 (single spacing)
                Pages Typed Total: 42 (single spacing)
                Word Count Today: 1,399
                Word Count Total: 20,243

Advertisement is the same as yesterday. It would be very very very much appreciated if someone would come and fix my water heater. 

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