Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cold Lunch project journal #21

We’re back.

Howdy ladies and gentlemen, how are you all doing today? Me? Not too bad. I just got back to working on Cold Lunch, and damn does it feel great. I feel so refreshed, even after all the worry and heart ache of the last week or so, I came back to Cold Lunch with a great pile of positive energy, and I’m ready to rocket to the end of the first quarter.

The breakup of the novel is simple. I’ve got the novel split into four quarters to make the work feel less daunting than it is. And, then I have each of the quarters split up into 23 scenes/chapters. Today I finished writing Chapter 16 leaving me 7 chapters left before I hit the end of the first quarter.

I am sad that I’m not going to get the first quarter done by the time the world ends (which is tomorrow btw), but if the world doesn’t end then I’ll just keep working on my novel, get through the end of the first quarter, and maybe take another little hiatus there. The first one was good for me, I don’t see why another one wouldn’t be.

Plus we’ll be starting to move here shortly, and that’s going to cut into writing time. I need to find a job that doesn’t have sucky hours so I can get everything I want to get done in a day, well, done. Lol. Otherwise this novel will take a long time to get written.

Anywho, time is short, and I’ve got places to be.

How do you feel when you start back on a project?


                Snowflake Completion: Done
                Pages Written Today: 3
                Pages Written Total: 46
                Pages Typed Today: 6
                Pages Typed Total: 84
                Word Count Today: 1,916
                Word Count Total: 22,836

No advertising today, just spreading good vibes :)

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