Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cold Lunch progress journal #40

I gotta quit being so lazy about doing this.

Fun title, and it speaks the truth. I need to develop some discipline in my life. I have enough to sit down and actually write a novel, but I can’t remember to write a five hundred word blog post every day? Yeah, that’s retarded.

I don’t know, I’m sure I could make up excuses for the next two or three hours about why I don’t do it, but that time needs to be used for sleep, and I could just as easily write the blog post. And, writing the blog post would take about three times less time than it would to bitch about it.

And, as dumb as it sounds, I really won’t remember this tomorrow, and I’ll bitch about not getting things done the way I want them to be done. Still not realizing it takes less time to do it, than it does to bitch about it.

A good example about that is writing my novel. I’ll sit down and look at how many scenes I have left before I finish, and then I’ll do the math on how long it would take me to get it done if I did such and such number of Chapters a day. Then, I’ll bitch about how long that is, and how not having the novel finished is impeding me making money on the novel because it’s not out on the market. Then I’ll bitch about not having done it sooner.

And, God, just looking at this makes me angry. It’s so simple, and I don’t know why I can’t get that through my head. It’s just like the mahjong app I have on my iPad…

And, now it’s time for a great example. This blog post for instance. I meant to have it ready to post before I went to bed last night, and that didn’t happen. Although I have to admit it was almost one in the morning, and I had to get up for work at six. But, still, I should have had it done earlier. Much earlier.

Anywho, I’m going to check out and get my writing for the day done.



                Snowflake Completion: Done
                Pages Written Today: 8
                Pages Written Total: 131
                Pages Typed Today: 13
                Pages Typed Total: 230
                Word Count Today: 3,857
                Word Count Total: 63,526

I think I’m going to play with the math on this one too. I’ve written 43 Chapters, and my estimation of those Chapters was roughly 1200 words. The actual average is 1477 words. If I do the math with that estimation the next half of the book would be 67,942. Adding those two totals together my book will be 131,468 words long. This is going to steam roll my goal of 110,000 words. And it will keep Cold Lunch as the longest book I’ve written to date

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cold Lunch project journal #39

Playing Catch Up.

So, technically this is also going to take the place of the last of the FanFiction journals for this time. Basically, what happened is I finished writing the In the Morning Light material for this quarter, but didn’t get it typed until a few minutes ago. And, I wrote and typed a Cold Lunch chapter last night. So, yeah, we’re pretty close to being finished with the second quarter of Cold Lunch. It’s not as far along as I would like it to be; but then, there are a lot of things that aren’t where I would like them to be.

Like right now, I would much rather be rich and sleeping in a bed with four posters, and a huge dragon carved into a relief over our bed. That just seems like it would be a lot cooler than living in the dinky little trailer we do now. If I had a camera, I wouldn’t show you pictures of it, mainly because, it’s a mess, and I don’t mean our stuff is a mess. The trailer is a wreck, and about the best thing that could be done with it is a good bonfire. I probably shouldn’t say that in a public forum, but it’s been said.

Now, what else was important about today? I don’t know. Nothing really I guess; just another day in the neighborhood where I try to avoid my neighbors as much as possible. It’s not because I don’t like them (I don’t like them), it’s mainly because I’m afraid of getting shot if I go knocking on doors. And, I really don’t have much of a social life, so, yeah. I’ll just stick to sticking with myself.

And, this is the point where my brain shuts down completely, because it’s too tired to function properly. Of course, I guess I’ll hit that point much quicker tomorrow. I have to work, and with the back pain and all, working just beats the effing hell out of me. I know a lot of people say that, and I’m no different. But, I’ve worked as a taxi driver for almost ten months, and now I’m back on my feet and bent over all the time, and sweating like a pig, over the grill at McDonalds.  It’s making everything hurt. Though I should use this time to start exercising, that might be a good way to keep from hurting so much twice. Lol.

Anywho, I’m going to leave you, with two sets of stats today. And, I’m going to go to bed.


Cold Lunch
                Snowflake Completion: Done
                Pages Written Today: 4
                Pages Written Total: 123
                Pages Typed Today: 6
                Pages Typed Total: 216
                Word Count Today: 1,980
                Word Count Total: 59,675

In the Morning Light
3rd Quarter Report
                Pages written total: 69
                Chapters/Scenes: 21
                Word Count: 34,314

Final note: I would just like to point out, that In the Morning Light has exceeded the amount of words I expected when I started. Starting Goal was 33,600 with an average of 1200 words per scene. Current total is 34,314 with an average of 1,634 words per scene. If I keep going at that rate I’ll add another 11,438 with the final quarter of In the Morning light. This will put the final total at 45,752 with a total difference of 12,152 words between the target goal, and the actual count. In the Morning Light is almost at the point where it can be classified as a novel. I’m thoroughly impressed with myself. Lol.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fanfiction project In the Morning Light #9

Got my computer back.

Does the joy dance, realizes it looks weird, and stops. Cheeks are a little flushed, and I'm not making eye contact. They'll only judge you if they can see your eyes. Lol.

I dunno, but I'm a little sleep deprived right now. I've not been able to sleep due to some severe heart burn. Hell, I can taste it all in the back of my throat and it straight up makes me want to gag. But, there's not much I'm going to be able to do with it for the next few hours. It's not like I'm going to get up now to go and get tums. It's four in the morning, my ass should be in bed asleep. I'm not set up for this night time crap anymore.

And, I suddenly realized, I have absolutely no idea where I'm going with this. I guess it might make sense in the future, when all the worlds culture is gone, except my blog and my writing, then somebody will be able to make some sense out of it. They'll think it's a new literary technique, and thus break it down to the point where the post is little more than a dissected frog.

I never got to do that in school. Never once had to slit open a frogs gut, and poke at its insides with sharp objects. I'm thinking I missed an important growing experience here. Maybe.

My mouth tastes like an ash trey, and a big friggen burp. I need to get something to drink. But, I don't want to get up off my ass to go and procure tasty tasty beverage.

Nevermind, we're out of soda.

Mel's got two thirds of a 20oz in the living room, and a 24oz in the fridge. I don't think she'll miss the 20oz. Now I just need to find the motivation to get up and go into the living room. Grump.

As for writing, I got the last scene/chapter of the third quarter of In the Morning Light done. And, now, I get to hang around and type them, what fun.


I think I'm going to call it a night, and try to get some sleep. God only knows if the heartburn will let me though.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

FanFiction project In the Morning Light #8

The Fritz.

My computer is still unusable. Well, actually, it’s usable, I’m just afraid to get on it, and run the virus into something that even a total reformat won’t get rid of. I know that’s technically an impossibility, but this is me we’re talking about here. And, technology flat out hates me. Anyway, we’re waiting on getting a restore disc for Window’s Vista before we do the reformatting. And, I really have no idea where to get one. I could try amazon, but that would be too much work for me right now. Lol.

I have gotten some writing done :D I’m now up to the last scene in the third quarter of In the Morning Light. When I write that today, I will be finished with what I needed to use the hiatus for, and can get back to work on Cold Lunch. And, the second quarter of Cold Lunch, should (key word: should) be done in a couple of days. I only have 6 scenes before the end of the second quarter, and things are really starting to pick up in the novel. Not that there’s not enough going on in the first quarter, but the second and third quarters are the meat and potatoes of the novel. While the first and fourth quarters are mainly setting up storylines, and bringing them to a climax and a close.

Now, as for stats, I hate typing on my iPad, it takes for ever and I’m not one of those whose fortunate enough to have the keyboard case thingy for it. And, the only word processor I trust on my iPad is notes. Lol. I can’t use open word because it needs a constant internet connection to run. (not a very reliable thing here, and I don’t have the iPad set up on a data plan anyway.) And, it gets really testy when I try to copy and paste anything into it. It doesn’t like it. I don’t know why. Lol.

Anywho, back on the writing front, I got two scenes written yesterday. It was a challenge getting them done. I’ve been easily distracted more in the last few days, then I have ever been. I think it might be the new med. It’s making me kind of spacey. And, I guess that’s all from me today.


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And, due to some technical difficulty, I'll be posting #7 & #8 together. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Fanfiction project In the Morning Light #7

FanFiction project In the Morning Light #7

Technology sucks.

Well, I did have some stats for you on In the Morning Light, but due to computer issues, that is out of the question.

About my computer problems. First I ran into this massive virus (sirefef or something like that) and it decided it hated google. Besides Facebook and twitter, occasionally, every thing I do on the Internet is pretty much google related. So, that was fun. It was a good thing Erik knew enough about computers to find and delete the virus file. 

So, the computer works the way it's supposed too for a grand total of one day. And, when I got online this morning I did a search on HubPages, saw an add for it somewhere, and it's basically one of those blogging sights where you make money off the advertisements they place on the web page. It's like pay-per click or something like that. It's like google ad sense. And, I'm planning on trying it out for a little while, play that popularity game for a while, build an audience, and just hope and pray that it starts to pay. We can use every dime we get.

And, I completely forgot the point of that last paragraph. What I was going to go on to say is that when I used a search engine it would take me to the page, then immediately transport me to another webpage. Which was basically like one of those off google search engines that are little more than Trojan breeding ground.

Anywho, I did get some writing done today, not a lot, but some is better than none. I got one chapter done for In the Morning Light, and to kind of make up for only writing one chapter, I got six hand written pages out of it.  It's wide ruled paper, but I probably got two thousand words out of it. And the last time one of these chapters took on a life of its own, it was over three thousand words. So, I'm looking forward to getting it typed just to see what the word count is. Lol.

And I believe that's it for me. Talk to you kids later.


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Sunday, February 3, 2013

FanFiction project In the Morning Light #6


I started writing this post last night before I went to bed, but I got lazy, and didn’t feel like doing anymore work after my shower. So, I guess we’re going to go about writing it now. Even though it is hours and hours past when I should have put it up. Oh well.

So, what I was going to talk about last night was me being flaky, in pretty much everything, and it was going to be a really self deprecating. And, chances are, it still will be.

I just wanted to go on about the week I’ve had.  I don’t mean about the week itself being good or bad. I meant in the way of progress. It took me three or four days, I don’t even remember how long, to get one scene written. That is not progress. It’s a particular writer not writing the quota he set for himself. It’s a particular writer not realizing that there are only two types of days: good writing days, and bad writing days.

Good writing days are simple, you sit down, and you get started. Then you finish your quota earlier than you expected it too. Then you have the rest of the day to do as you wish.

Bad writing days are the days when your brains fell like cold molasses, and the work takes longer than you expected it too. But, the point of this is, you get your shit done.

I didn’t do that for the last week. I wrote one scene, when my daily quota is a scene and a half every day. I’m working on In the Morning Light now, but I should have already been done with it. Then I would be back on Cold Lunch, finishing the second quarter, and starting in on Bunbies. Grump.

I don’t know what to do sometimes. But, I’m going to nip this in the bud before it turns into me ranting about all of my personal failures. I don’t think anybody wants to read about that.


                Snowflake Completion: Done
                Pages Written Today: 11 (wide ruled pages)
                Pages Written Total: 69 (wide ruled pages)
                Pages Typed Today: 3 (single spacing)
                Pages Typed Total: 51 (single spacing)
                Word Count Today: 1,639
                Word Count Total: 24,916
                Note: The math doesn’t add up, I know. Only typed one of the three scenes I’ve written since I started this on Friday or Saturday. Another thing, I’ve flaked off on.

Advertisement: I can’t really think of anything. One day I’ll come up with something. Maybe.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Cold Lunch project journal #38

A hiatus I will take.

I finally finally, after almost a week of working on it, I finally got through Chapter 40. I don’t know what the problem was. The scene was really no different than any of the other scenes that came before it. And, I don’t want to use the problems I’ve had throughout the week as an excuse as to why I didn’t get the writing done. I know people are going to disagree with it, but I feel that a person should be able to write no matter what is going on.

And, I think that there are only two types of days. Good writing days, where you get the work done quickly. And, bad writing days, where the work comes slowly, but you still get it done. And, I’ve broken that belief every day this week. It makes me feel like shit.

Now, I really don’t know what else I was going to talk about.

Went to the brain doctor on Tuesday, and got a new med for the brain.

Went to the regular doctor on Wednesday, and got a med for the back.

Been pissed about work, because of the hours.

Damn, I really need to find my jar of random topics. I just don’t have anything today.

So, I guess I’m just going to check out, now.


                Snowflake Completion: Done
                Pages Written Today: 4
                Pages Written Total: 119
                Pages Typed Today: 6
                Pages Typed Total: 209
                Word Count Today: 2,041
                Word Count Total: 57,715

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