Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fanfiction project In the Morning Light #2

Cold Shower

I just took what was literally the coldest shower of my entire life. And, it was all for my art. Lol.

But, no, seriously, not going to go into detail, but we’ve been having problems with our water heater, and our landlord (not going to mention any names, this isn’t topics) has been taking his sweet time getting it fixed. I want to strangle him, point blank. But, I’m going to be rational about it. I’m not going to do anything at all negative to my landlord. Hell, I just want the water heater fixed, after that I’ll happily go back to paying my rent. But, the cold shower got me thinking. Yes, even beyond my nerve endings screaming: IT’S EFFING COLD WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

It got me thinking about small towns, and the power people with money have over those small towns. How things always seem to go their way, and that got me wondering. What happens when the small town turns against the people with money, and… I’m not exactly blank past there, but it’s my idea no one else can have it. Lol. But, yeah, I really don’t have much past that. Other than thinking it’s a lot like some of the material I’ve read from Stephen King. The whole small town thing. He kind of specializes in it.

So, who really knows where that story is going to go, except into the hopper. I’ve got a good idea as to where the story is going, and who the main character is going to be, but the rest of it needs to smooth itself out. Don’t worry, you guys will hear about it. I just need time.

As for In the Morning Light, I got two more scenes done, and am nearing the end of this quarter. (Yeah, they’re short quarters, it’s not meant to be more than a novella.) And, I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do after that. Typing the rest of In the Beginning is probably a good idea, since I plan on publishing it in January. But, who knows. My new story might take precedence.

Anywho, that’s all for me tonight. Err today. Or whatever time of day this shows up in your feed.


                Snowflake Completion: Done
                Pages Written Today: 6 (wide ruled pages)
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                Word Count Today: 1,744
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                (Got lazy and only typed half of what I wrote.)

As for an advertisement. Sleep. I want to put up a huge billboard relating to sleep.

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  1. You could set it in a large or medium sized city and focus on a specific "neighborhood". Like, how often do low income people travel more than 5 mile radius from their home to conduct daily business (shopping, gas, school, jobs, friends, socializing). Anyone can become a victim in their own home/neighborhood (look at your situation with your landlord) by the commercial powers.

    For fun - bouncing ideas around - you could have the tenants of several apartment complexes or housing districts rise up against a single Slum Lord and his entourage (army) of enforcers that ensure there is no growth in the "hood" so they can keep food/shelter/utilities at optimal price so no one can afford to move out. Perhaps he could even control public transit.

    Remember the Christmas movie It's A Wonderful Life? You could tweak that story-line to fit the Cold Shower concept. Another book you might want to read (although its part of a series it does catch you up and stand alone) is a fantasy novel, but deals with a corrupt Marxist like political system. Faith of The Fallen, by Terry Goodkind. What the author did in this novel is to take a huge religious and political controversy and whittle it down to the effects on a very small community (can't get smaller than an apartment complex).

    I think for outright scary (as opposed to horror) nothing is worse than knowing there is a larger world just outside your limited social-economic reach.

    Anyway; just tossing some brainstorming ideas your way. Use them if you can, if not, I had fun "discussing" your story concept with you :)