Monday, December 24, 2012

Cold Lunch project journal #23

The Day Before Christmas

I finally got all my typing done from like the last three days. It came out to four scenes I think, or something like that. And, most of this post will probably be dedicated to catching up my stats. But, I wanted to talk a little bit about good news.

I will no longer be employed by PTI on Wednesday December 26th 2012. I am happy about this, namely because this company has royally screwed me (and all of its employees) over. That doesn’t change the fact that I enjoyed the job, what did change was the rate of pay. Prior to Dec or Nov 7th (can’t remember which) PTI was paying us a guaranteed amount of money per week, that way, if we didn’t have a lot of runs that week we would still be able to make a living off of it. Now, mind you the guarantee wasn’t a great deal of money ($350 per week), but it’s a whole hell of a lot better than I’ve made on the last two paychecks. Both of which, for two weeks worth of work, were well below the $350 mark. So, yeah, a man can’t provide for his family when he’s barely scraping in $200 dollars. That situation, and a couple of others, that I don’t want to discuss in a public forum, made me decide it was time to find a new job.

I did find a new job, one at the McDonalds in Logan WV. It’s another minimum wage, dead end job, but it’s guaranteed five days a week and at least thirty-two hours a week. I’ve worked at McDonalds before, and I’m not sure if that guarantee is going to pan out or not. But, fear not, I’m going to keep looking for a job, hopefully one that I can call a career, and if that falls through, then I’m going to go back to school and get a degree in counseling or something. I have some vested interest in the field of mental health, so counseling might be right up my alley.

As for Cold Lunch and my stats I typed four scenes today: 17, 18, 19, and 20. 17 was 2 hand written pages long, 5 typed pages, and 1,220 words long. 18 was 2 hand written pages long, 5 typed pages, and 1,257 words long. 19 was 3 hand written pages long, 5 typed pages, and 1,388 words long. 20 was 3 hand written pages, 5 typed, and 1,307 words long.

And, yeah, that is progress ladies and gentlemen.

Now, I’m going to get out of your hair.

What are you doing the day before Christmas?


                Snowflake Completion: Done
                Pages Written Today: 0
                Pages Written Total: 56
                Pages Typed Today: 20
                Pages Typed Total: 104
                Word Count Today: 5,175
                Word Count Total: 28,012

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  1. I spent today with lots of family. Most of my kids are grown and starting their own holiday traditions, and its so cool not to be the one cooking and cleaning :)

    You know, a job is a job. You have to enjoy the work; but also be comfortable in the working environment. I like my job fine enough - out of the weather, pay is good, great benefits, and I get to help people in need. Well, mostly in need.

    But I like my co-workers, and my supervisors and management, and have some empathy for the clients. I can do the job anywhere; but the people make it worth going to work every day. Going back to school and getting a "career" job sounds like an excellent idea. Working through school is hard and sometimes sacrifices have to be made, but at least you know life will be better at some measurable point.

    And you still have your writing, which seems to be going along quite well.

    I hope you have a good Christmas Ryan. Kiss your family and remember your blessings, at least for one day :)


  2. @Donna

    I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas today, and thank you for the wonderful comment. I've been going over a lot of things in my head, and there are certain circumstances that make me want to find that career now, rather than wait for school. I feel like I don't provide enough for my family. My wife will probably bop me for it. But, I really feel like I don't.

    And, yeah, I've got my writing, and I'm really hoping that it will become my career before I have to worry so much about going back to school and all that. Lol. But, I don't want to bank on that.