Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hiatus Journal #8

Just thought I’d take a Hiatus from taking a Hiatus.

Yeah, kind of forgot to post yesterday. Everything has been so fucked the last few days that I’m still not sure what direction is up and what direction is down.

The first wonderful thing on that list is this. We got fucked over by the new landlords. I’m mentioning no names, so I can’t get sued for libel or slander or whatever the hell it is, but just in case someone wants to try, I’m angry during the writing of this, and will use as many swear words and run on sentences as proof of this anger.

So, yeah, back to the fucked over part. The landlord was supposed to have the breaker box inspected the week before Christmas, it still hasn’t been inspected. The landlord is telling one screwed up story about not being able to get in touch with the inspector or some shit, and we know it’s bullshit because Mel has talked with the inspector, she got his contact information from the guy’s grandson. And, they told us they were going to get someone else to do the inspection (probably one of their buddies), but Mel called the Housing Authority to see if she could get someone faster than the landlords could. And low and behold there’s only one person certified in Mingo County to do breaker box and electrical inspections, and he’s never heard from our landlords. He’s also the guy mentioned above. And, while they’ve been screwing us over about getting the breaker box inspected (again probably trying to use one of their buddies because they’ll save a buck or two), we’ve been waiting all to fucking patiently to get the power turned on.

No breaker box inspection, no meter installation, no power, means the house is unlivable or whatever the fucking word for it is. We were supposed to be able to move in by the first… And, we were supposed to be moved out of here by the fourteenth. Even if the breaker box had been inspected today, there was no guarantee that there would have been power in the house by the fourteenth. There would have been no guarantee of that unless the breaker box had been inspected any time from when we made the deal with the landlords up to the fourth.

Now, we’re just trying to get our money back, and maybe a couch (joking) out of the deal. It’s just fucked up one way of the street and down the other.

Another thing that straight up blows is work. Why? Not because I’m working at McDonalds, but because I’m not working. We had orientation on Thursday, and they were supposed to have our uniforms in by, oh, yesterday so we could start officially training. I don’t know any of the other people that got hired when I did, but I certainly haven’t gotten a call telling me my uniform is in.

And, this one is my own gd fault, I’ve forgotten to call Southern Community and Technical College for the last two days. This is the last week to register and I would still need to get my financial aid checked through the school. So, I might be able to start, and I might not. God only knows. (Intending to get in there and crank up my GPA so I can get into the Transition to Teaching program here in WV, or get an Associates degree in counseling, seeing as my bachelors qualifies me for absolutely nothing.)

And what would this sundae be without a cherry. I got to sit in the ER for two to three hours today, can’t remember how long it was. My best friend wrecked his car last night, fucked up his wrist, and probably has a mild concussion. This wouldn’t bother me, except for the fact that the doctor never even came and looked at him. They gave him a CAT scan and some ibuprofen and said take it easy for the next couple of days. They didn’t even say it was a minor head injury that we probably didn’t have to worry about.

I so want to strangle people right now.

Anywho, I apologize for the language. I’m just not in a good mood, and I’m tired, and I generally have no mental filter and say whatever I’m thinking. And, now it’s time for me to shut up and go to bed.

So, good night, good morning, whatever…


PS: I have worked on my trunk novel, and I did a little bit of line edits on Cold Lunch, but I really don’t feel like posting stats tonight. Just want to go to bed.

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