Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cold Lunch project journal #35

A tale of two scenes.

Yep, I’m damn proud of myself. I got two scenes written today :) I would like to do a third, but it is now 2am, and my wife would be rather upset with me if I stayed up another two hours to write another scene.


I also did something I rarely do. Instead of hand writing the scene, I typed the whole of it. Just sat down and started pecking away. Would have been cool to do it on my typewriter, but then I’d have to retype it into the computer, and I’m out of typewriter ribbon anyway. I need to buy some of that.

Anyway, the point of that statement is simply that typing the scene straight into the computer would save me a complicated step, and possibly increase the speed at which this novel is produced. Or something like that.

But, then, I kind of like the aesthetics of hand writing and working late into the night. Though I really need to take into account how long it’s taking to get these things done. In fact, I still have a novel that I haven’t typed a single word of. Before I can even start a second draft on that one I’m going to need to type it. So, I think I’m going to make typing the official medium of Mr. Ryan Smith.

I also had an awesome idea for a kid’s book, comic book, sort of thing. I dunno. I’m not going to share it here, cause I don’t think the idea for the book has developed well enough. I will say, however, that it is inspired by the Bunnicula books, which I still need to read.

Anywho, that’s all for me tonight.


                Snowflake Completion: Done
                Pages Written Today: 8
                Pages Written Total: 100
                Pages Typed Today: 10
                Pages Typed Total: 183
                Word Count Today: 3,244
                Word Count Total: 50,321

PS: I am now almost halfway to my word count goal. I think this book might turn out to be longer than I expected. For instance I’m still 10 scenes/chapters away from where I’ve got “the middle” of the book. So, I kind of think I’m running over my estimated word count with just about every scene. Lol.

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