Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hiatus Journal #3


So, I might actually start my job at McDonalds today. There was a mix up last time and they hadn’t completed my reference check, but I talked to the guy yesterday and he told me to come in tonight. Hopefully, even with my current lack of faith in humanity, this will work out, and I’ll be bringing in money again. It won’t be a lot, but it’s better than nothing.

As for other things: We are still working on moving, and due to circumstances beyond our control it will still be little while before the power at our new domicile gets turned on. The inspector from the housing authority hasn’t come to check the breaker box yet (note: lack of faith in humanity), and until that’s done AEP won’t come to install the meter. So, we pushed back the date to cut our power off here until the 14th, the absolute last day we can be in this house.

And, my trunk novel, I didn’t do anything with it yesterday, so no stats for the day. I just felt really under the weather and went to bed at 8 or so. Slept like a rock until six this morning, and all I’ve done since then is watch Supernatural.

Need to find my motivation soon. I’ve got a cat that needs to go to the vet, a house to pack up, a novel to write, and line edits to do on Cold Lunch. The laundry list is long today.

What’s your to do list look like today?


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