Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cold Lunch project journal #33

In which I feel like an ass.

Yeah, I really don’t actually have a reason for that title. So, far as I can tell I’ve done nothing ass worthy today, it just seemed like the thing to say at the time.

As for having anything else relevant to say…

That doesn’t happen often for me. Having something relevant to say I mean. I usually just let my fingers do what they want, and I think I talked about that some yesterday.

Anywho, the schedule for our real new place just got moved up, by a whole frigging lot. Our neighbors, who are awesome people, are going to let us rent their trailer when they get their new modular home set up. Originally they weren’t supposed to get the house until March. Today we found out that they’re getting the modular home next week. So, yeah, that feels like awesome news!!!

In regards to Cold Lunch, I’ve done pretty much nothing but type today. I wrote one scene, and typed all but the scene I wrote. Lol. I’m also going to have to take another early hiatus from Cold Lunch for a few days. Just long enough for me to get more material written for In the Morning Light. I won’t be taking the hiatus until after Friday. Then I’ll have only one more post left for In the Morning Light, and I’ve only got to write seven scenes to finish out the next quarter of the fanfic.

Other than all that, I’m really out of things to say. And, I’m going to bed now.


                Snowflake Completion: Done
                Pages Written Today: 3
                Pages Written Total: 92
                Pages Typed Today: 18
                Pages Typed Total: 167
                Word Count Today: 5,467
                Word Count Total: 45,571

And, I can’t think of any cute little advertisements for tonight. So, later kids.

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