Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hiatus Journal #6

Still haven’t done those line edits.

Morning, afternoon, evening, something, I’m not sure what, because this system posts on PTD time, and I have no idea where in the day they are, so yeah. So, yeah, let’s go ahead with today’s post.

As I’m sure you’ve noted by the title of this post, I haven’t done the line edits on Cold Lunch 1st quarter. I would say I’m not avoiding it, and that things I have to do keep popping up. But, that would be a lie. I am avoiding doing it. I hate doing line edits, even though my typing tends to be clean, I just write in a way that Mr. Strunk and Mr. White would like to murder me for. For example, fragments. I have a tendency to love fragments, because of the way I can connect them together. It’s a little repetitive, but I feel it’s a part of my style, and therefore deserves to remain that way. A publisher or agent might disagree with me later on down the road, and I might fix them then. But, Word doesn’t agree with me now, and I tell it to go to hell. Lol.

Regarding my trunk novel, I haven’t written a damn word. Lol. I lacked the motivation to do just about everything yesterday, though I think I did well on my diet, in a way. I had a double bacon cheeseburger and curly fries for lunch (definitely not diet food), but it was within my calorie count and the only other thing I ate all day was a $ .99 bag of peanuts. The bad thing on there might have been the liter bottle of Mountain Dew. Have to work on cutting out the pop a little bit better.

I’m thinking I might need to keep a physical record of what calories I consume in a day. That would probably help some. Then include in that what sort of exercise I do (currently that’s on the none side of the equation), and maybe I should hold myself publicly accountable for those things, Like I do for writing. In other words, I might just add a dietary stats block to the blog. Lol.

And, so far today, I’ve been pretty good about packing. Got a tote done so far, and I’m getting ready to load my car up with all the other things we have packed thus far for a trip to the new place. So, I’ve been somewhat productive today.

Anywho, this is me, signing off for the day.

Do you procrastinate when it comes to editing?


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