Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hiatus Journal #5

Meant to do.

Alright, so, I really meant to get back to working on Cold Lunch yesterday, but I got distracted in a way. Lol. I printed out the pages for the first quarter, and forgot to put page numbers on them, and I meant to get started with the line edits. Well, meaning to do something means nothing unless you actually get it done. At least it does in my book. So, where I’m at right now is pretty much nothing.

I did, however, write another scene for my trunk novel. That brings it up to 31 chapters, and that’s still not halfway through the novel. I’ve not typed any on it though, so, no real stats to put up, but I can tell you the scene was three pages long.

As for other things, packing sucks.

And, my brain seems to be made of bacon right now.

I need to get a new keyboard for my laptop. Buttons are sticking and its driving me crazy.

Anywho, none of what I could say from this point on would be intelligent, so I leave I will leave you with that.

How do you feel about things you meant to do?


PS: New chapter of In the Morning Light is up.


  1. Packing is a depressing chore, especially when there is no firm move date. I've moved too many times over the last couple years; so much that my two boys can have us loaded in one uhaul at one house, and unloaded and returning the uhaul within 6-8 hours. We're down to bare essentials. We've been in this house for almost two years now; feels weird not to be packing. I still look through rental ads, and tease myself that I'll some day be able to buy a house.

    Congrats on the McD's job. At least its an income. Bound to get better from here.

    I really liked the Coffee and an Ear excerpt. I left a review for you; just a short comment. Its based off Lost Girl? You captured Dyson perfectly. I haven't watch the program in a couple seasons; I have a tendency to forget to turn on the TV, and when I do I don't really watch it cuz I'm always doing something on the computer - writing, blogging, playing a game, reading for critique.

    I hate it when I intend to do something and never get to it. I feel the guilt and it eats at me. More so when I let others down; I had three beta reads to do during my 2 month blog break, but what with my netbook dying, and overtime at work, and a general lack of interest in anything writing related, I never got them completed. The projects still sit n my computer, haunting me. This is the first time I've ever not completed a request, and I let down 3. Shame, shame.

    At least your commitments are only to yourself, and it looks like you are catching up on the writing goals. Writing two novels at once and keeping up the weekly fan fiction is impressive.

    Have a good weekend Ryan; I hope you get lots of hours at work.


    1. There's a secret to that game, lol. I never work on all three at the same time. I've got four more chapters of In the Morning Light already written. And, I usually try not to spend more than a week away from my main project. The other novel is something I just play with while letting my brain rest, as is the fanfiction.

      The good part about the commitments is I am the only person I'm letting down. I have an ego, but it's not big enough that I think everybody is waiting on pins and needles for my next blog post. Still, I try to blog daily, and I try to hold myself publicly accountable for my work by posting my stats and what not. I feel bad when I don't have stats to report,hence what's upsetting me about my trunk novel.

      And, thank you for reading, you are also very welcome to read the rest of the fic :) And, I thought I was making Dyson a little more moody than in the show, but I haven't watched it in forever either. Lol.

      And, lastly, thank you :)