Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Journal 5-27-13

Happy Birthday Erik, ya old fart.

Other than that, I guess I could go over a little of what went on today.

I worked. It sucked. But, not as bad as most days. Most days it’s kind of horrid.

On a happier note, I finished the first quarter of The Black Hole’s Teeth, and starting this Friday I shall resume publishing the chapters. You’ll be able to find them on ff.net and on devArt. This week also marks the end of In the Morning Light. The Epilogue comes out on Friday, and I expect that will be an exciting day for fanfictioners. As for posting In the Morning Light on devArt, it’s going to go the same way it has been. Me, putting each chapter up as the weeks roll on.

I also got some of The Black Hole’s Teeth typed today. Not much, a chapter and a half, but better than nothing if I am not mistaken.

As for other things, I set up a tentative publishing schedule for some Hubs. And, my fingers need to get moving, because it starts this week. Lol.

I wanted to get to Cold Lunch today, but I obviously didn’t want to get to it enough. I don’t want to force it, but I’m going to have too. I’m going to have to get past this…this whatever it is. Fear of one thing or another. I need to get away from that. I need to find the zen in my mind, that will take me to the completion of the novel, and get it onto the market.

Now, I’m going to finish up things to do by taking care of the hygiene thing, and getting the eff into bed.

Good night, ladies and gentlemen.


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