Monday, May 20, 2013

Journal 5-19-13

Day Two…

Day Two of the “Things To Do…” Project, and already our valiant captain has realized one thing that’s going to need some work.

This whole one right after the other thing.

Yeah, I took my walk at seven, and I didn’t get in the shower until almost midnight… that sure is one right after the other. Lol.

Anywho, today was marginally better than yesterday. I didn’t have a freak out working the table today, thought I was going too since new guy was at work today. But, it was cool. What did happen though, was all about mood swings.

You know how you can have a mood swing that is set off by the simplest thing. Like the sound of someone’s voice…

Well, I was in a really good mood this morning…

I’m going to leave it at that because what I have to say is not nice and would get vulgar in word choice. So, let’s just leave it at, there’s a kid at work that annoys me to the point where I can have a bad mood swing. One that lasted for two hours… and got worse every time he opened his mouth… I wanted to get violent…

And, yeah…

Anywho, let’s talk about writing. I got my Hub finished, and I should be posting it later today. I might type it, and wait a couple of days to post it. No real reason.

I also got started in the next scene on The Black Hole’s Teeth. Wasn’t much though, just a half a page really, while I was waiting for my sleep meds to kick in last night.

As for Cold Lunch, I’m starting to think I’m avoiding it, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. I could think of some reasons though, if you wanted me to go into detail. Like maybe I think it’s safer to write the Hubs and fanfiction because I don’t believe my family’s welfare depends on it, and I can delude myself into believing that those things are going to help me when I do finally get Cold Lunch published… one day.

Yeah, negative thoughts again. Though, the Hubs, the blog, the fanfiction, all of that will help me when it comes time to get published, mainly because I’m working on building an audience through those sites, and I’ll use those sites as advertising space when it comes to getting my work into the hands of my audience.

As for advertising, I’ve also gone live-ish on Hub pages. I sat down and got all the crap set up so I could get paid through ad sharing and different programs about this and that. So, chances are, I’ll be including links to eBay and Amazon in my posts. You are more than welcome to click on these, and buy lots of items while you’re there. :D

And, I thought about activating Google Adsense here on Blogger, but I really don’t want to try and shove that much down anybody’s throat. Plus with the wide array of crap I write about here, they’d never know what sort of ads to put up. Lol.

To cut this short, I could go on with these little paragraphs about nothing for the rest of the night. But, I think I’m going to do some typing and go to bed. That will be the best idea.



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