Sunday, May 26, 2013

Admission: 5-25-13

I have to admit, I feel bad.

I didn't write a blog post yesterday, which is why I'm writing a short one now. I didn't write a blog post, and that means I didn't finish my things to do list yesterday. I did however take a walk, an abbreviated one, and I took care of my hygiene issues. But, no blog post.

On a lighter note. I almost finished the first quarter of The Black Hole's Teeth. I have maybe a page left before I'm finished. Then I'll type it, and start publishing it this coming Friday. Not that there aren't two chapters of it up already.

You should read them.

Then wait patiently for chapter three.

Anyway, I'm checking out for the day.

I will write a post for tomorrow.


PS: Flea spray kills teeny tiny ants too. I was playing god, lol. Or marking myself as the most wanted ant terrorist in the world.

PPS: I managed to get my Romulan on STO to the Subcommander rank last night. Just thought I'd add that in, and pretend it was productive. Lol.

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