Friday, May 3, 2013

Journal 5-2-13

I hate technology.

No, really, I absolutely despise it. I would like nothing more than to take my computer and pitch it right out the window. I know that’s how the OS got its name, but really, if I wouldn’t have to pay to replace the window I would gladly sacrifice it.

Is there a reason for this sudden violent hatred?

Yes. There is.

We all know that Youtube is a social networking site whether it intends to be or not. It’s like deviantArt, and HubPages. Blogger. They’re all equally as much social sites as they are artistic sites.

Well, since I’m trying to whore myself out, I was going to kind of make audiobooks, and post them on Youtube. Maybe make a little money off the advertising, and definitely try to sell them as mp3s on itunes and what not. Why? Because we all need a little bit more money. (Yes, that makes me sound like a hack, and I will gladly accept that term so long as I can start putting bread onto my family’s table with my writing instead of flipping burgers.)

However, I’m having a problem with this brilliant plan. The microphone on my computer has disappeared, or fried, or some fucking thing because I can’t record audio. I made three videos last night, trying to get it to work. Tried configuring my microphone for an hour or two, and it just didn’t work. It’s saying it’s not there. I downloaded the latest drivers for microphones on vista, I uninstalled and reinstalled the equipment… none of it worked.


And, beyond that particular shit storm, today just sucked. Lots of emotional problems, ranging all up and down the line. This crap is really irritating, and I’m sure it’s driving Mel insane. I know it’s already driven me insane.

And, if I can’t get this touch pad to stop reading it when I hit it with the heel of my hand while typing, I think I’m going to breakdown and cry…again. I’ve thought about trying to deactivate it, but the problem with that is, I wouldn’t have a mouse. Mel’s using my wireless because hers shit the bed, and I just don’t have the money (see above) to get another one.

Just like not having the money to get a headset to use the microphone on my Youtube videos.


I guess I’m just going to have to suck it up, and pony up the cash for one or the other. (Probably the mic.) And, pray that the income from everything I’m trying is going to be enough to cover the loss. Right now I’m doubting it.

So, I’m going to go to bed. If I dream about computers at all, I’m going to scream, and throw things, and cry for an hour or so.

Something like that.


PS: If anybody has the money for it, I would really love an Alienware desktop, or something from CyberPC aimed at gaming.

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