Monday, May 27, 2013

Journal 5-26-13

Checking In.

Walk: Check.

Hygiene: Check.

Blog: In-progress

Alright ladies and gentlemen, how are you all doing today? Me? My day pretty much sucked.

I’ve had a migraine pretty much all day, and it’s been absolutely impossible trying to get anything to done. It sucks to work on the computer. (Sensitive to light.) It’s hard to see. (I’ve had instances of double vision.) And, I had to leave work early. (Dry-heaving over a trash can.) Yeah, it was really pleasant. I did come home from work and lay down with an ice pack. And, that helped. Other than that it’s been up and down all day long. I think when I go to bed (about fifteen minutes after I finish writing this) I’ll take the ice pack with me.

On a pleasant note, I did get a Hub typed and published today. Assimilation Nation: Cast and Crew is the title, and it’s the first part of step three of the Snowflake Process. I wound up running my mouth for far too long and felt the need to break the article up into several different pieces. I’m trying to get the others done, and I should have the next article up on HubPages by Wednesday. And, always remember to help the starving artist writing this blog by going to his Hubs and clicking on a few links. That’s probably better than me putting up a Donation widget.

And, finally, the reputation system on STO sucks. Lol. Well, the rewards system does to an extent. The old way you did it was find such and such pieces of borg/omega tech, and traded them for your ship or your character that would improve your performance in game. Well, now they have a marks system, and this is basically like using money. However, marks are only given for certain missions/quests, and the requirements for some of the items sucks. To get Borg Tech for your starship you have to have 450 Omega Marks, 14k Dilithium, and usually two other general commodities. Still, the first two suck, as Omega Marks and Dilithium are hard to come by. But, then again, if it was easy to get, then it wouldn’t be worth having.

Anywho, I’m going to shut up for the day.



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