Thursday, May 23, 2013

Journal 5-22-13


That’s been me today. Lol. But, there’s a very important reason for that. STO has had a login queue all day, and thus, I’ve had a lot of time to use for other things besides game play.

So, I got my walk done. I did my hygiene thing. I’ve taken care of the laundry and the litter boxes, and now I’m writing my blog. It’s not even 8 o’clock yet. Lol.

I even managed to get two chapters of The Black Hole’s Teeth typed. So, I suppose I could actually title this Fanfiction Project Journal #11 The Black Hole’s Teeth. Or Fanfiction Project Journal The Black Hole’s Teeth #1. Basically what I’m saying is there’s going to be a little block of stats for today :)

Now, as for other things… I want to play Star Trek Online. T.T

I’m number 8802 at the time of this writing, and I’m bored.

I guess I’ll be typing some more of The Black Hole’s Teeth.

God, I feel really whiny.

Anywho, I’m going to finish this up and type some more of my fanfiction. Maybe even write my next Hub.


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