Friday, May 17, 2013

Cold Lunch Project Journal #40

The Undead Novel.

Alright kids, guess what!

Cold Lunch is back. And, it’s here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and it’s all out of bubble gum.

I’ve always wanted to use that line.

Anyway, as you can see, I’ve finally gotten my head on straight enough to get back to work on Cold Lunch. Now, I’m not working on the third quarter yet, simply meaning I haven’t started writing anything in it yet, but I am going through the second quarter and doing line edits and what not. And, though I said otherwise yesterday, I believe I’m going to put it on the market when I finish with this draft. I need to get some work out to the world at large.

I’ve got a third-ish of the quarter edited, and now it’s pretty much just a waiting game until I get to the end of the quarter. It’ll be a couple of days. I got up to Chapter 30, and the quarter covers Chapters 24-46, so I didn’t quite hit the third of the way mark. Now that I realize that, I think I’m going to go back and do two more Chapters. That will get me through to the third. Lol.

On another, probably less interesting note, I’ve not been walking this week. I got injured at work last Friday (one of the managers tried to drop a box on my head -.-), and was told to take it easy. Plus the walking was making my hip hurt worse. So, my streak is broken, but only for now. Starting Saturday, I’m back on the path, and I’m going to add two other things as well. Well, I’m going to try and add two other things. One of them is a little more personal than I’m willing to share here :P And, the other is this!

That’s right guys and girls. I’m going to try and make the blog a daily thing once again. It should be easy. Do the walk, the blog post, and my other task, one right after the other, and it will be just like walking out the door. Yay new habits. Lol.

Other than that, I think my new “hiatus” project is going to be a Star Trek fanfiction. Not the one I’m talking about over on HubPages. Nah, this one is The Black Hole’s Teeth, and as you can see from the fanfiction link, I’ve already published a few chapters.  So, if you like Star Trek, or if you like Star Wars, or if you like to see it when Star Trek kicks Star Wars’ ass, or maybe if you just like reading what I like, then you should stop by and see what’s up. Then follow it. Lol. (As a side note, like In the Morning Light, I’ll be posting this on deviatnArt as well. I’ll throw those links, and the links up on facebook, and my facebook page… which you should like if you haven’t already.)

Another thing I’m going to do is post some sample chapters on deviantArt. Probably just the first few chapters of each of the things I’ve written, and have typed so far. Well, maybe not the beginning chapters of all of them. Some of those chapters I really don’t like, and want to hide from the very face of the planet.

And, one final project that I’d like to talk about. I plan on taking the Star Trek fanfiction I’m writing, both the one mentioned above and the one mentioned on HubPages, and turning them into playable missions on Star Trek Online. So, if you’re a big nerd, come and play online with me :)


PS: I also want to start my little audio book thing on Youtube soon. Not sure when that will happen. I guess you’ll just have to wait until the motivation hits me.

Peace out.

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