Saturday, May 25, 2013

Journal 5-24-13

I had thought of something witty to say… then forgot it.

Other than that, success!!! I’ve managed to do everything before it got dark outside. Lol. I took my walk, but I didn’t get in the shower as soon as I got back. Instead I finished the article I’ve been working on for HubPages.

This article is starting to drive me mad. Lol.

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with me on HubPages (you really should check it out, and maybe click on a few ads while you’re there, lol), but I’ve been working on a series of articles based on the application of the Snowflake Method of outlining to a fanfiction I plan on writing in the near future (Star Trek: Assimilation Nation). I figured it would be a very simple series. There are 10 steps to the Snowflake Method, so I figured I’d be writing 10 articles about the process. The problem is, I’ve gone very in depth with it, and now that I’m working on step three (this step, as shown here) has multiple parts. And, I’ve gone in depth with them to the point where I’ve written one article for each part so far. I’ve only written the first two parts yet, so I’m not sure if the others are going to follow the same trend, or if I’m going to be able to compress them into one maybe two more posts.

I could get all analytical and what not, and discuss what I think is happening. But, I would rather wait until I’m done writing the series. My thoughts on what’s happening with it would make another great article. XD

Anywho, I’ve not written anything creative yet today. And, I’ve not typed anything, so there aren’t going to be any stats today either. I think I am going to try and finish the first quarter of The Black Hole’s Teeth tonight. I’ve only got about a page, page and a half before I’m done. Lol. I’ve just not had the motivation to write it.

Been too busy playing Star Trek Online.

And, I believe that’s going to cover it for the day.


PS: If you remember what the witty thing I was going to use to open the blog post, please tell me. I can edit the post then, and open it the way I meant to. Lol.

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