Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cold Lunch Draft 2 project journal #7

Sleeping on the couch.

Someone got in trouble. Lol. And, I'm really stretching it here. Not sure what to say about sleeping on the couch. Besides the fact that I like sleeping on the couch. Not the couch we have now, it's a futon from Walmart, and sleeping on it just sucks.

But, sleeping on a nice comfy couch, like a full size couch with black leather and those thick puffy cushions that deflate when you sit down on them. Yeah, those couches are heaven to sleep on. Hell, there have even been times where I got in trouble because I wanted to sleep on the couch instead of in bed. I dunno why, I've just always found the sleeping experience on a couch is far superior then sleeping on a bed. Weird I know.

Now, however, we're back to the beginning, and the question what does sleeping on the couch have to do with anything? And, I guess the honest answer really is nothing. It's just a random topic that came out of a jar, and confused my mind at six in the morning.

Anyway, Cold Lunch. I've finished the four page synopsis, at last, and now I'm going to move on to step 8. I know, I'm skipping 7, but 7 is a boring step. You're supposed to come up with a character bible for each of the major characters in the story. And, I don't wanna. So, that means were moving on to step 8. This is the scene list, it's going to take zero time to come up with. So, I should be able to start working on the real deal tomorrow.

And, finally, I would like to apologize for the tardiness of this post.

What do you do to sleep on the couch?


               Snowflake Completion: Step 8
               Pages Written Today: N/A
               Pages Written Total: N/A
               Pages Typed Today: N/A
               Pages Typed Total: N/A
               Word Count Today: N/A
               Word Count Total: N/A

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