Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cold Lunch Draft 2 project journal #3

Is anybody paying attention?

Random topic number 49 and I think it’s a good question, one that everybody asks themselves at one point or another.

Is anybody paying attention?

I don’t know. I can look at the stats on my blog, and I can check my comments, see how many people are subscribed. That honestly doesn’t tell me anything though. I have zero followers on this blog, at least so far as the statistics show. That doesn’t mean there’s nobody paying attention. I’m sure you could have a million followers and still wonder if any are paying attention.

For some of those millions of followers, reading a blog might be routine. They might sit down and read it and not see a single word or point the post was making. In one eye and out the other, so to speak.

I guess what I’m getting at s the zombie like quality most people use to get through life. I’ve worked plenty of dead end jobs, lived as one cog in the machine, and, though you might say you hate the job, it’s more like a numb reaction based thing. You go to work because that’s what society expects. You hate your job because that’s what society expects, and so on and so forth. And, how is that any different than a zombie? A zombie eats human flesh because that’s what its society expects of them, and it’s what our society expects of them. It’s a social creature without realizing it, and becomes a victim of peer pressure as soon as it gets bitten. And, they only pay attention to food. Nothing else.

As for this post making any sense…I doubt it. It’s a good thing nobody’s paying attention. Lol.

When it comes to Cold Lunch, I got part two of step six done. Really thinking about only doing enough work on parts 3 and 4 to make it possible to start working on the novel itself. I’m a little impatient.

Anywho, what do you do when you think no one’s paying attention?


            Snowflake Completion: Step 6
            Pages Written Today: N/A
            Pages Written Total: N/A
            Pages Typed Today: N/A
            Pages Typed Total: N/A
            Word Count Today: N/A
            Word Count Total: N/A

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