Monday, November 19, 2012

Cold Lunch Draft 2 project journal #4

So, no random topic today, mainly because I didn’t do any work today. L

Which isn’t entirely rue, I put a little work in this morning, figuring up the first four scenes or so in part 3. As for other things, I did feel productive today.

I did some typing, not on the novel I haven’t typed yet, but on a fanfiction piece I’ve been setting on for the last few months. I know. Fanfiction. Boo-Hiss. It’s anathema to the modern literary type, but then I’m not the literary type. I look at everything like a tool. I looked at the people who transitioned from fanfiction to print to bestsellers, and what I saw was a fan base. These people, knowingly or unknowingly, created a fan base by writing fanfiction, and then, when they were in print, voila, money.

Yes, everything comes down to money.

I’m a little greedy.

But, anyway, the productivity of today was simple. I didn’t type what I did because I was thinking about money. I read those pages, and typed them, because I had fun writing them. I had fun borrowing those characters for a short time. And, so long as I continue to enjoy it, then I will continue to write it. And, I will shamelessly use it as a tool to further build my fan base.

Now, if only I could find a way to get my brain to work on these things regularly.

What do you think of fanfiction?


            Snowflake Completion: Step 6
            Pages Written Today: N/A
            Pages Written Total: N/A
            Pages Typed Today: N/A
            Pages Typed Total: N/A
            Word Count Today: N/A
            Word Count Total: N/A

PS: It’s tempting to put the stats down for today’s typing, but it’s not towards the goal of completing Cold Lunch. So, it doesn’t go.

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