Friday, November 16, 2012

Cold Lunch Draft 2 Project Journal #1

Alright, as hopeless as it seems, I’m going to try and write a blog again. This time I’m not going to come up with any funny titles, just keep it straight forward. I’ve got a list of random topics, and for everyday I work on Cold Lunch I’m going to write about that random subject, write a little bit about what I’ve got going on in the novel, and my stats thus far on the completion of the novel.  And, I’m a little behind on this.

I’ve been working on the new draft for a week, maybe a week and a half. I didn’t think about the project journal until a couple of days ago. And, being a natural procrastinator, I didn’t think about writing it until today. Lol.

So, as for progress, I’ve completed the read through of the first draft. I’ve gone through the first six steps of the snowflake outlining scheme (skipping steps 3 and 5 as I find them boring), and I’m a fourth of the way through step 6. This step is going to be the longest, I believe. Where I’ve already written the novel, I’m going through and using this step to fix the structure of the novel and add or subtract subplots as it seems fit. This is a lot of back and forth work.

Anywho, that’s all for today.


            Snowflake Completion: Step 6
            Pages Written Today: N/A
            Pages Written Total: N/A
            Pages Typed Today: N/A
            Pages Typed Total: N/A
            Word Count Today: N/A
            Word Count Total: N/A

P.S. I’m not counting the outline towards the actual completion of the novel.

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