Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cold Lunch Draft 2 project journal #10

Personal Insanity

So, I’ve sat here for about fifteen minutes looking at the screen and got nothing to write about. Hell, I even used my jar of topics to come up with something to talk about. It’s written above, but I still don’t know what to write. I could talk about the time I spent in an insane asylum, but that was just one of those really weird dreams that comes out of nowhere.

Although, my cats been a real bitch today, and that’s starting to drive me crazy. So, that dream about a mental institution might come true.

“What’d you do to get stuck in here?” A bald guy with bandages on his fingertips asked. “I killed seven guys and made each one representative of the seven deadly sins.”

“I killed my cat.” Me.

TV drives me crazy. I’m not good at separating my attention. So, whenever the TV is on, I can’t focus enough to work on whatever it is I’m trying to write. That does drive me a little crazy. I dunno.

Anyway, I didn’t work on Cold Lunch today. Instead I worked on my self-pub project. Trying to get the cover stuff together. My wonderful little sister-in-law is going to be doing the art work. It will be revealed here as soon as the work is done. Lol. Then, naturally, there will be plenty of advertisements on here, and my face book, and my twitter, to make sure all six people I know gets the message. Lol.

So, yeah, what things kind of drive you batty?


                Snowflake Completion: Done
                Pages Written Today: 0
                Pages Written Total: 7
                Pages Typed Today: 0
                Pages Typed Total: 11
                Word Count Today: 1,693
                Word Count Total: 3,011

So, yeah, the stats are pretty much the same. As for advertising something today, I got nothing. So, the end of this blog post is commercial free…for now.

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