Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cold Lunch Draft 2 project journal #2

Those times when you’re hungry for brains.

I think it’s apropos topic considering the nature of the novel I’m working on. But really, I see this as a moment of writer’s block.

A micro-block.

It’s like I’m sitting there writing and the words just stop. My hand stops working, and I’m dumbfounded. I knew what the next word was going to be, what the next sentence was going to be. Then it’s gone. A total black, exactly like a zombie.

And, in that micro-block, I hunger for brains the way a zombie hungers for flesh. Not literally of course. But, I’m hungry for the inspiration that fled. Hungry to be able to continue my work, knowing what might come next might just be better than what was supposed to come before.

About Cold Lunch, I’m almost through with the redraft of the second quarter’s outline I’ve got a guide to it, I just need to write it in synopsis form.

Questions: What happens when you hunger for brains? How do you break the micro-block?


            Snowflake Completion: Step 6
            Pages Written Today: N/A
            Pages Written Total: N/A
            Pages Typed Today: N/A
            Pages Typed Total: N/A
            Word Count Today: N/A
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