Thursday, January 23, 2014


So, I really need to come up with a list of random topics to pull from instead of asking Mel. I got Snow yesterday and Unicorn’s today. I fear that the longer this goes on the more girly the topics will get. Soon I’ll be talking about painting my toe nails and discussing the pros and cons of puffy pink butterflies. And, the funny thing is, Mel isn’t that girly. She’s more of a tomboy, so these girly topics are coming way out of left field.


Anywho, unicorns are pretty perfect creatures that are basically a cross breeding attempt between a horse and a rhino, throw some narwhal in there too just to really mix things up, and you get a horse with a horn growing straight up from its forehead. Not multiples that could masquerade as antlers nor are they curved ram like horns good for head butting. No, just one horn; it gives the wrestling move “spear” a whole new meaning.

But, what else is important about unicorns? I read the unicorn entry in the Monster Manual, and I thought of a way to include unicorns in my current campaign. Mel’s convinced they’d kill us (us being the PCs, not me), but I think they could take it. A unicorn is a CR (challenge rating) 3 creature, and there are six or seven PCs (Player Characters), I forget the exact number, and they’re all level one. But, I’ve put them up against a CR 2 dragon and they ripped it a new one. I don’t even think any of the PCs took damage in that fight.

So, yeah, a unicorn might be making an appearance in game. You have been warned Damn Dirty Dungeon Crawlers. Mwahahahahahahahahahaha

And, that’s enough of that.

I know unicorns are fantasy creatures, and that they come from mythology, but I’m not actually sure what mythological traditions. And, after asking Mel about it, I’m even more confused. She was telling me that there were unicorn sightings in Germanic and Celtic mythology, which is where I thought they came from, but there are also reports from Greek mythology and the Bible! There are accounts about unicorn hunts and the connection between the purity of a unicorn and Christ.

It’s a lot of stuff I didn’t know.

Hell, I didn’t even realize that Queen Elizabeth I had two unicorn horns! They’re narwhal horns, but still, who could look at a horn like that and not imagine it coming from some great majestic beast. I know I would have been convinced unicorns existed if somebody had showed me a narwhal’s horn right after the story about him getting said horn from a unicorn.

I’m even thinking of a story that runs in that direction. A story about a man getting duped, giving up everything he owns to have the unicorn’s horn, and finds out later that everything was a lie… Damn it! I need to stop giving out story ideas…


As for any other matters of importance; I don’t know. I’ll just say that my Dungeon Crawlers ought to look forward to their first encounter with a unicorn.


Here's a link to the website Mel was giving me info from.

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