Thursday, February 7, 2013

FanFiction project In the Morning Light #8

The Fritz.

My computer is still unusable. Well, actually, it’s usable, I’m just afraid to get on it, and run the virus into something that even a total reformat won’t get rid of. I know that’s technically an impossibility, but this is me we’re talking about here. And, technology flat out hates me. Anyway, we’re waiting on getting a restore disc for Window’s Vista before we do the reformatting. And, I really have no idea where to get one. I could try amazon, but that would be too much work for me right now. Lol.

I have gotten some writing done :D I’m now up to the last scene in the third quarter of In the Morning Light. When I write that today, I will be finished with what I needed to use the hiatus for, and can get back to work on Cold Lunch. And, the second quarter of Cold Lunch, should (key word: should) be done in a couple of days. I only have 6 scenes before the end of the second quarter, and things are really starting to pick up in the novel. Not that there’s not enough going on in the first quarter, but the second and third quarters are the meat and potatoes of the novel. While the first and fourth quarters are mainly setting up storylines, and bringing them to a climax and a close.

Now, as for stats, I hate typing on my iPad, it takes for ever and I’m not one of those whose fortunate enough to have the keyboard case thingy for it. And, the only word processor I trust on my iPad is notes. Lol. I can’t use open word because it needs a constant internet connection to run. (not a very reliable thing here, and I don’t have the iPad set up on a data plan anyway.) And, it gets really testy when I try to copy and paste anything into it. It doesn’t like it. I don’t know why. Lol.

Anywho, back on the writing front, I got two scenes written yesterday. It was a challenge getting them done. I’ve been easily distracted more in the last few days, then I have ever been. I think it might be the new med. It’s making me kind of spacey. And, I guess that’s all from me today.


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And, due to some technical difficulty, I'll be posting #7 & #8 together. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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  1. Might I suggest you visit Michael Offut ( and ask him about it? The dude does this stuff for a living and he left a comment on one of my whiny blog posts that my son followed his advise and totally fixed my reboot problem.

    I hate computer problems. Worse than anything; I feel helpless cuz I just don't understand the technology. However, I do know I've always hated Vista. If I could just go back to Windows 98 :(

    Congrats on your writing progress.