Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cold Lunch progress journal #40

I gotta quit being so lazy about doing this.

Fun title, and it speaks the truth. I need to develop some discipline in my life. I have enough to sit down and actually write a novel, but I can’t remember to write a five hundred word blog post every day? Yeah, that’s retarded.

I don’t know, I’m sure I could make up excuses for the next two or three hours about why I don’t do it, but that time needs to be used for sleep, and I could just as easily write the blog post. And, writing the blog post would take about three times less time than it would to bitch about it.

And, as dumb as it sounds, I really won’t remember this tomorrow, and I’ll bitch about not getting things done the way I want them to be done. Still not realizing it takes less time to do it, than it does to bitch about it.

A good example about that is writing my novel. I’ll sit down and look at how many scenes I have left before I finish, and then I’ll do the math on how long it would take me to get it done if I did such and such number of Chapters a day. Then, I’ll bitch about how long that is, and how not having the novel finished is impeding me making money on the novel because it’s not out on the market. Then I’ll bitch about not having done it sooner.

And, God, just looking at this makes me angry. It’s so simple, and I don’t know why I can’t get that through my head. It’s just like the mahjong app I have on my iPad…

And, now it’s time for a great example. This blog post for instance. I meant to have it ready to post before I went to bed last night, and that didn’t happen. Although I have to admit it was almost one in the morning, and I had to get up for work at six. But, still, I should have had it done earlier. Much earlier.

Anywho, I’m going to check out and get my writing for the day done.



                Snowflake Completion: Done
                Pages Written Today: 8
                Pages Written Total: 131
                Pages Typed Today: 13
                Pages Typed Total: 230
                Word Count Today: 3,857
                Word Count Total: 63,526

I think I’m going to play with the math on this one too. I’ve written 43 Chapters, and my estimation of those Chapters was roughly 1200 words. The actual average is 1477 words. If I do the math with that estimation the next half of the book would be 67,942. Adding those two totals together my book will be 131,468 words long. This is going to steam roll my goal of 110,000 words. And it will keep Cold Lunch as the longest book I’ve written to date

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