Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fanfiction project In the Morning Light #7

FanFiction project In the Morning Light #7

Technology sucks.

Well, I did have some stats for you on In the Morning Light, but due to computer issues, that is out of the question.

About my computer problems. First I ran into this massive virus (sirefef or something like that) and it decided it hated google. Besides Facebook and twitter, occasionally, every thing I do on the Internet is pretty much google related. So, that was fun. It was a good thing Erik knew enough about computers to find and delete the virus file. 

So, the computer works the way it's supposed too for a grand total of one day. And, when I got online this morning I did a search on HubPages, saw an add for it somewhere, and it's basically one of those blogging sights where you make money off the advertisements they place on the web page. It's like pay-per click or something like that. It's like google ad sense. And, I'm planning on trying it out for a little while, play that popularity game for a while, build an audience, and just hope and pray that it starts to pay. We can use every dime we get.

And, I completely forgot the point of that last paragraph. What I was going to go on to say is that when I used a search engine it would take me to the page, then immediately transport me to another webpage. Which was basically like one of those off google search engines that are little more than Trojan breeding ground.

Anywho, I did get some writing done today, not a lot, but some is better than none. I got one chapter done for In the Morning Light, and to kind of make up for only writing one chapter, I got six hand written pages out of it.  It's wide ruled paper, but I probably got two thousand words out of it. And the last time one of these chapters took on a life of its own, it was over three thousand words. So, I'm looking forward to getting it typed just to see what the word count is. Lol.

And I believe that's it for me. Talk to you kids later.


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