Wednesday, February 19, 2014


It’s that time of day again guys and gals. Time to write a blog post… Well, it’s past time to write this post. I was given the topic around three or four pm and now it’s fifteen till one in the morning.

So, now I’m supposed to come up with something to say about Fairies.

My wife looked at me earlier and asked me if I really used the blog topics to come up with ideas for the games. I just smiled at her. Out of frustration she gave me fairies, and I’m betting she’s thinking what could possibly go wrong with fairies introduced into the game, and well… she must really not be thinking about these things.


Because there are so many things that could go wrong with fairies.

First off, in Dungeons and Dragons (at least to my knowledge) you won’t come across a single creature described as a fairy. Rather you’ll come across the fey type. The fey cover many different types of creatures including nymphs, dryads, satyrs, pixies, sprites, grigs, nixies, mephitis, and the list could go on for quite some time. If it’s related to nature it’s probably a fey type creature. (Even elves, in mythology not D&D, are considered a type of fey.)

Now, what could go wrong with those?

Fey are often goodly aligned creatures which is kind of counter intuitive with the alignments of my current PC party. I have three chaotic evil PCs (like the Joker) a neutral evil PC (like the xenomorph from aliens) a true neutral PC (he reminds me of an Ent, quite a bit, though he has a much shorter temper) and a lawful neutral PC (imagine Jean Luc Picard as a dwarf). None of them, except maybe the true neutral orc, would get along with the good/chaotically aligned fey.

Not sure where this one came from.

Then you have your evil fey.

Maleficent comes to mind. The evil fairy god mother from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

Ganondorf, a corrupted Gerudo, a desert dwelling type of fey in the Legend of Zelda series.

Damien, a pixie half-fiend of my own creation, formerly he was a character in a comic strip one of my players (Robbie, I’m sorry, but I don’t remember the name of the strip!) was drawing. He’s a high level wizard that has made an appearance in my games before, and he will probably make an appearance in this one as well.

Then we have Faetria… who I’m not going to talk about, because I just came up with her. I feel she’ll play an important part in the game to come. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Anywho, I can’t think of anything else to say right now, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Later kids.


PS: I could be totally wrong about the Fey and fairy connection in Dungeons and Dragons. There could be fairies in the game and I just skipped right over them. If you know one way or the other, let me know in the comments below.


  1. Damn it Ryan Why must I do this with another post…. Give me a min I have to get out my copy of “Hyrule Historia”.

    Ok fist off Gannon is not fey. He is as you have said Gerudo, a desert dwelling race of female thieves that once every 100 years a male is born into. Now the fey question may come from the fact that most Gerudo mate with Male Hylians. Now once in one of the older games the Hylian race was referenced as fairy folk, however in latter game this has changed. In Dnd the would most commonly fit with city dwelling half elves for the Hylians

    PS Ryan you are right there are no fairies as we know them in 3.5 though I did find a nice homebrew for them

    1. I love you Russell. Lol.
      Yeah, the Ganon thing was really a shot in the dark. I wasn't sure if the Gerudo would be considered a type of fey or not. At the time, it seemed to me that they would be, because of the whole 99.99% women thing with the exception of the single male every hundred years. That kind of screamed magical in nature to me. Lol. And, thus, I thought fey.