Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pikachu, Meatloaf, and the Holy Order of the Lampshade

I love my wife. Lol. That’s all I can say. Lol.

The above list is what my Cupcake gave to me for my topics for the evening. Well, except for the Holy Order of the Lampshade, that one I came up with on my own after seeing Pikachu and Meatloaf.

So… here’s a recipe for Meatloaf, and for the sake of this blog post we’re going to replace the 1½ lbs of ground beef with 1½ lbs of ground Pikachu. That’s going to be a difficult amount to get a hold of seeing as your average Pikachu is about 3 lbs which means that there’s not that much usable meat on such a critter. So… I’m going to say that you’re probably going to need at least 10 maybe 15 Pikachu to get the correct amount of meat. Then there are the fixins. I mean, what does one serve with Pikachu Meatloaf. Is that going to be good with ketchup, like normal meatloaf? And, what about the others additives to the mix, onions, peppers, I mean there’s a lot of different options and factions to take into consideration when you’re changing the main ingredient in the dish. Seriously, I don’t think what tastes good with ground beef will taste the same with ground Pikachu…

And, that brings us to the Holy Order of the Lampshade. They’re an order of paladins that happen to have Pikachu Meatloaf as a dietary staple. Day in and day out, these holy knights suffer the consequences of eating something that has the ability to produce a static discharge equal to 25,000 volts. That’s got to mean some terrible, terrible heartburn. But, maybe it also has beneficial side effects, like some form of elemental resistance to electricity and associated Air Elementals. Maybe it even gives them the ability to produce a line of lightning as a breath weapon, so long as they use the ability within four hours of eating Pikachu Meatloaf.

I think that’d be awesome. Again, though, it would probably be a hell of a heartburn problem, one that Nexium and Prilosec can’t treat so easily.

Anyway, that’s enough out of me today.

Now, go and enjoy a healthy helping of Pikachu Meatloaf, just don’t forget the glass of milk, one produced by Miltanks.


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