Sunday, June 30, 2013

Journal 6-29-13

Today started at 4am, and it hasn't stopped.

Today was my last scheduled day before vacation, so naturally it dragged on and on and on. But, yeah, it's over now, and for the next week I don't have to worry about McDonalds.

That's a positive.

And on the negative side of the field I have to move. Lol.

It's not a very big move. Maybe twenty or thirty yards, but there are things about it that concern me. The likelihood that everything will run nice and smooth, and we can move in starting tomorow, is not going to be happ...

And, that's when I fell asleep. See. I was too exhausted to finish my post. 

Anyway, been working on the move and I'm sore as hell. Spent the better part of the day painting, and the rest of it burning the old crap that came out of the house prior to the renovations.

I wanted to keep painting too. Finish up the walls down where they meet the floor. But by that point I was hurting too bad to bend over. 

Going to take it easy till 1 or so. Then see about more painting/moving our stuff in.

So for now I will say ciao. And hopefully I won't forget to write a post for tomorrow.


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