Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Tieflings is the topic my lovely and beautiful wife has given me today, and I find this kind of entertaining because a tiefling is the race she picked in my most recent game. Err… it’s the race she’s playing right now. And, she does very well, so far as I’m concerned, with how she goes about playing the character.

Tieflings are considered one of the planetouched races, this means that at some point in their ancestry there was a marriage of a mortal and an outsider (outsider being the type given to creatures and species that don’t originate on the material plane). Marriage simply meaning there was sex (or rape) that fostered the birth of a half child. By half child I mean either a half-celestial child, where an angel or there about is one of the parents, or it is a half-fiend, typically fathered by demons or devils of one sort or another. Tieflings are descended from the latter. They are the end result of centuries of half demons breeding with mortals, and it dips down to such a point as the Tiefling is the very last drop of fel-powered blood in the line of descent. So much so, that I believe (and I think there are rules for it, but I’m not sure) when Tieflings mate what race the offspring is turns into a craps shoot. Meaning, if two Tieflings were to have a child the result would be another Tiefling. If a male of XYZ race was to mate with a female Tiefling you would have a fifty percent chance of having a Tiefling or having a pure born member of XYZ race. If a male Tiefling were to mate with a female member of XYZ race things would be even more skewed. In that situation there would be a seventy-five percent chance of having a tiefling. And, the statistics could continue with generation X’s probability of producing a Tiefling just because they carry those genes. I guess it’s kind of like being a ginger.

To sum all that up in one easy sentence: It’s a lot like playing the lottery.

Now how we ran off on that completely random tangent is not something I’m entirely sure of. I guess something about… nope, not going that direction again. Basically, Tieflings are one of those races that is always different. There’s always something about them that just doesn’t sit right with you. Maybe their eyes are red, or maybe they have horns, or a tail, or the potential for a completely wild and fragmented personality with each shard showing more and more of that particular Tiefling’s ancestry. I would say it is something along those lines.

Anyway, how to incorporate Tieflings into my game is a really dumb question. Lol. Three of my PCs are tieflings, and each of them have wildly different takes on what it means to be a tiefling, and I like it like that.

And, I guess that’s it for me today. Lol.

Now, it’s time to write another blog post, since this one was so behind on getting finished. YAY!



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