Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Journal 7-1-13

Today was kind of a freak out day for me.


I don't know, to an extent. I know that I'm stressed because it feels like I'm running on two deadlines. The first is the countdown to the fourteenth. 13 days. That's when we have to be out of this place, and there will be no take backs this time.

The second is a countdown to Sunday. Why? That's when I go back to work. And, as such, it's when I lose the most time I have available. I'll have to work on top of moving, on top of being exhausted, plus whatever handyman stuff remains to be done at the time.

Drywall needs to be hung in the back bedroom. (YouTube here I come).

The floor needs to be finished in the back bedroom.

The writing room needs to be painted.

The floor has to be put in the writing room.

The new wall paneling has to be put up in the living room.

The master bedroom has to be cleaned out.

The master bedroom closet needs to be cleaned out.

The floor needs to be laid in the master bedroom.

And, I could go on for a while longer. It's a mess, or rather it feels like one to me. Maybe I am just freaking out, and everything will be ok. 

Alright, I'm going to sleep now. Before I get a wild hair up my ass.



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